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Congratulations!  You just found one of the most versatile and informative sites on all your eBook needs and we're constantly growing.  Not only do we offer a variety of eBooks for the employee turned entrepeneur but we also have links for any and all Black Owned Businesses globally that we're updating constantly.  

Welcome To EbooksRlife!

These eBooks are here to help you acquire the skills, discipline, training, and information you need to do anything from increasing your wealth to getting better health.  I know your tired of not pursuing your dreams, just settling at your job, going through the phases of an everyday laborer.  STOP allowing others to Control your life and start Living Yours! 

Ebooks are here!  Get yours today!

Don't wait another day watching your dreams fade away!

Role of a Leader

Leadership of Authority teaches you how to be a leader for a team and be able to command a room to success.  Aiming to be in a managerial position, the CEO of a fortune 500 company or even the Owner of your own business, then this is the ebook for you.

Marketing Through Affiliate

With Affiliate marketing success you'll learn how to market yourself to other affiliates and gain not only more sells but skills and selling other people's merchandise.  Consider yourself on the way to being the Ultimate Affiliate.

Marketing Through Email

"Heard it through the grapevine" is taken to a whole new level in this ebook.  You'll learn how a proper cold email can become a new customer as well as other email strategies.

Web Communication



Now you may have stage fright but with Webinar authority it teaches you the skill and discipline you need to command a room.  One of the most successful ways of connecting with your audience far and wide.

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